Apower Powerline Ethernet Bridge (56Mbps)


he Apower Powerline Network series products developed represent a new and innovative solution for data communications and networking solution. This unique technology offers users a wide range of networking options by using powerline technology.

Apower created Powerline Network platform to support rapid, cost-effective installation of the network services. It uses the existing power line as data transmission media to guide the home networking into the house. You get the instant network access in the family room, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere you can find an AC outlet.

It provides the best networking solution for the SOHO office and Home application. 

Data transmission through Powerline
10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet interface connection
Plug In and Data Out
Up to 56 Mbps data rate
Peer to Peer Networking
56 bit Data Encryption Security
Instant Network Access
Fully HomePlug 1.0.1 Compliant
Username/Password protection
Windows/MAC system compliant

Hardware / Ports
Interface 1 * PLC Interface;
1 * 10/100BASE-T Ethernet/Fast
Ethernet port;
LEDs Powerline Collision (COL)
Powerline Activity (ACT)
Powerline Link (LINK)
LAN Link/Activity (LINK/ACT)
Standard and Compliant Specifications
PLC Interface HomePlug 1.0.1 Compliant
Support OFDM Modulation
Support CSMA/CA Access Method
Ethernet / Fast

Ethernet Port
IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u Encryption 56 bit Data Encryption with Key

Management Transfer Rate
PLC Data Rate (Line Rate) Up to 56Mbps

Efficiency Data Rate (EDR) Up to 16 Mbps Applications

Operating System Supported
Windows 98/ME, Windows NT,
Windows XP Home/Pro, Windows
2003, Mac OSX, Linux

Nodes Supports up to 12 nodes per network

Power Source 100VAC 60Hz or 240VAC 50Hz

Operating Environment
0-400C/10%-85%, non-condensed

Storage Environment

Certificate FCC, UL, CE, HomePlug 1.0.1

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